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Innovative design kitchens at a reasonable price and speed

The kitchen furniture by Febal Casa and Colombini Casa is known worldwide for its high-quality materials and innovative technical solutions.

Our professional interior designers help adapt the kitchen to your home style and dimensions, slopes, curves and other special requests free of charge. Before you confirm your order, you can view a true-to-life 3D project of the solution.

Elegant details

Details are what give a kitchen its character and make it comfortable to use. Visually striking finishing touches, cabinet handles or, vice versa, minimalist handle-free solutions, modern fittings, flush-mounted sinks, sanitary ware accentuating the overall look – everything is possible in your kitchen.

State-of-the-art equipment

Our kitchens are further refined by the most up-to-date technological solutions, from touch-control lights and indoor herb garden kits with lights to the “invisible” integrated cooktops. You can also conveniently order all of your kitchen equipment from us to ensure that it fits perfectly with your kitchen.
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Maximum use of space

There is never too much free space in a kitchen. Space-saving corner solutions, shelving systems, angled or curved cabinets if necessary, and adjustable furniture height allow using all of the space to the full extent. You can also use functional space-dividing modules that create more space to store things. The sliding worktops create more space just where you need it.
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Uniform style

Our solutions help you match the style, colours and materials of your kitchen with other rooms. To further perfect your kitchen, we have a wide selection of beautiful high-quality dining tables, chairs and bar stools that fit perfectly into your interior.
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You can decorate your new home with us in style and functionally without having to hire an interior designer. Our architects will develop a unique solution for your entire home, should you need it. Before you confirm your order, you can view a true-to-life 3D project of the solution.


We offer excellent value for money. Our design software calculates the price immediately based on the dimensions, materials and functions you choose. This helps make sure the order stays firmly within your budget.


We offer custom-made furniture that will be completed by the deadline. Depending on the size and nature of the order, it usually takes only 6–10 weeks from confirmation of the order to installation.


The Italian factories that manufacture our products are equipped with state-of-the-art automatic technologies that bring the error margin close to zero, and the final result is always accurate to the millimetre.


Our furniture is designed in cooperation with world-famous architects, following the trends of the furniture industry. Over 50 years of experience has provided in-depth knowledge that is valued by home decorators around the world.


We stand behind the high quality of our products and always give them a warranty of up to 5 years, depending on the product line. This means you will have no worries with your new furnishings.
An incredible range of premium-class materials and modern solutions that can be customised for a particular home or office to create a unique solution every single time. I particularly like that the same style, colour shades and materials can be used in the décor of various rooms to bring it all together into a coherent whole. The final result has always been precise and elegant.
Tatjana Jakobson
Interior Architect

Start planning your dream home

Our professional interior designers will help you map out a stylish tailor-made solution for your home based on your wishes, needs, space requirements and budget.

We will prepare for you a free, true-to-life 3D plan that lets you take a virtual walk around to see and feel what your home will look like, and fall in love with it.