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Flexible payment options

Paying for you order

To confirm your order, you need to pay at least 50% in advance. Then, when your furniture is ready, the balance is due before installation.

Payment by installments

Paying in installments allows you to turn a larger one-time payment into a smaller monthly expense when ordering from us, and to pay for your order in installments. The payment period can be up to 5 years. 

Advantages of paying in installements

  • Flexible solution for large expenses
  • You choose the installment amount
  • You choose the installment payment period
  • You choose the payment date
  • Response to an application within a minute

Financing terms

  • Financing amount 30 - 10 000 €
  • Period 3 - 60 months
  • Modest interest rates
  • Down payment 0 €
  • Contract fee 0 €

Hire purchase is offered by ESTO

Attention! Before signing the contract, carefully read the terms of the proposed contract and, if necessary, consult with an employee of ESTO AS or another specialist. ESTO AS loan annual percentage rate is 23.63% under the following example conditions: loan amount 1490 euros, cost of goods/services 1490 euros, down payment 0%, fixed interest rate 11.90%, contract fee 0 euros, total amount loan and repayment of 1844.64 euros, subject to repayment of the loan within 24 months, in equal monthly instalments of 76.86 euros. Before concluding the contract, read the terms and conditions and, if necessary, consult with a specialist. The hire purchase service is offered and regulated by ESTO AS.